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Late… Again January 16, 2010

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This is about a day too late, but oh well, there is a new pin at the iceburg, and move your mouse around the rockslide in the mine, something might happen…


And to finish todays announcments… January 10, 2010

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*SHOOKASHOOKASHOOKASHOOKA* Feel that? It felt like it came from the mine! *checks mine* Oh no! A rock slide!

Agents, get in gear! The new mission is coming soon, and it looks like Herbert’s at it again! On a separate though mission related notice, I will soon be opening a Youtube Channel for missions, sled race patterns, and how to finish certain games.


New Play!

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Well, old play. Technically. Its Fairy Fables, so have fun! How come there’s no croissant basket? Anyway, if you look on the shelf, you will see a pair of blinking penguin EYES!!!!!! ITS FRIGGIN CREEPY! *shivers*


New Pin January 2, 2010

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LOL! This should have been with the one beneath this, but I only just found it. A fireworks pin is availible in the lighthouse. It is the only square pin EVER, so get it before they go POOF! and dissapear. I know about the 101 days pin too, but its a rounded square and angled. Just so you know. Call me picky, call me anything you like, (excluding cuss words) just don’t call me late to the anime convention! LOL!!!



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Special, few days only! Twice a year every year, fireworks appear on the top of the Ski Mountain. They only appear for new year’s, and fourth of july (i think) and if you wait long enough, you might see a special animal…


What Have You Done?

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Warning: This may be long.

What have you done to make Club Penguin better? Suggest a game? Report a bug? Well, I have done all those things, and they have even used one of my ideas. You know the plush penguin dolls? That you can take off and change clothes with? That was my idea! I told them quite a while ago, I never recieved an answer, but it looks like they had brought it into consideration. No, I am NOT saying this to try and be high and mighty, heck, I’m not even lieing. And now I have done something amazing: I have suggested a new room.

Have you checked the blog lately? It says something about new areas, games, mysteries, etc., and it said all this AFTER I suggested something! All I can say is get your snowballs ready, and click on the lodge to the left of the ski mountain peak.

Happy Penguining, Pdfrog


End Of The Christmas Party December 27, 2009

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Woe! The Christmas party’s end is here. I hope everyone had lots of fun, and had more than their fair share of presents! I got skates, a box of CP stuff, a box of pokemon stuff, and a fire opal ring. What did you get? Leave a comment!