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Chibi Coin Code Competition! November 18, 2009

Chibi means little. Just an FYI.

CCCC 1.5: Send me a picture of your penguin in your favorite clothes for them. Or least favorite, it its Opposite Day. All entries will get a code.


7 Responses to “Chibi Coin Code Competition!”

  1. Happy Pippi Says:

    wow I wonder where you got the idea for this, same name, same type of competitions.. totally unoriginal

  2. pdfrog Says:

    To Dobu:
    1. Absolutely nothing. But its for a Coin Code, meaning that lots of people will spill out their innermost secrets! Heh, JK. The most interesting ones win.
    2. Sucks for you. I might put a membership code up sometime…

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