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A New Mission, A New HQ June 9, 2010

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*insert epic spy music here*
There is a new mission (which I haven’t finished yet) and a new HQ. I don’t like the new HQ because EVERYone is in there at any given time. Whee. Anyway, enough of my witty remarks. There’s not much left so, bye for now!


Ummm… April 6, 2010

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The April Fools Day party was over so fast I could only go on once. They should really make them longer right? After that, not much really happened…


Top 5 fangirl moments of Bleach March 29, 2010

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First random post… Woo! For those of you who don’t know, Bleach is an anime created by Tite Kubo (tee-te Koo-bo, cuz none of you know Japanese! :P) and it has some extreme fangirl squee moments.

5. Hitsugaya in the rain with Matsumoto
4. Hitsugaya sleeping, his sword (in human form [so hot!!!]) watching over him
3. Hitsugaya as a young boy (he’s so adorable I could scream)
2. Hitsugaya as a 12 year old (or at least, that’s what he looks like…)
1. Hitsugaya, passed out, being help in the arms of his sword (human form), with sword smiling gently

Yes, I am a Hitsugaya fangirl. And to see all these moments, check out Bleach episodes 239 to 245. Maybe more, maybe less.


New Game

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The new game is evil. Its a total remake of frogger, and it uses the freaking arrow keys!!! 😦 My arrow keys arent working, so I cant get to the gated area. 😦


Sorry! March 22, 2010

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Yo! This is Pd, sorry I haven’t updated in a while. Been doing lots of stuff recently. So I will just skip everything that has passed, and go onto now. There is a new game, as most people have discovered. I have not tried to play it yet, but that will happen soon. Maybe we will find Rockhopper’s missing puffle, Yarr! Happy penguining, pdfrog


Awesomeness of January January 24, 2010

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3 new rooms. That’s right, 3 new rooms. Thats a record for a year much less one month or ONE FREAKING DAY!!!!!!! Not only that but there is a members only diving suit, as well as free hardhats. To get the new Pin, which looks like the ruby pin, only purple, you need to enter the dig site and dig in 4 different places, wherever, until you get 1 peice per place. Then you can enter the underground lake, which is just BEAUTIFUL, and from there you can go underwater. You can get a free background there. This is AWESOME!!!!!!!!! Also I have heard rumors of an AquaGrabber update, so as soon as that happens I will tell ya!


Update!!!!!!!! January 22, 2010

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A new room is coming, and can you guess where? Yup! In the mine! It might be only temporary, but check it out ASAP!