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About MEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! September 23, 2009

     Hi! My name is Pdfrog (not really, but whatever) and I created this blog. I am still a minor, though I wont tell you how old I am. However, I am never tempted by guys with candy in their cars! XP Sorry bout that! Anyway, if you want to contact me, please email me at cppdfrog@aol.com. If you want me to understand what its about, please say something about my blog in the title. Also, clicking that will open something other than an email site, so just open a new page, tab, whatever and send it there.


     Why am I called Pdfrog? Well, a couple of years ago I was really into frogs. Especially Poison Dart Frogs (hence pdfrog). But it goes deeper than that. At my school everyone is a conformist, and I was the only one who stood out. Which also helped the creation of my username. I now have a following of other poison dart frogs.

Also, I am an author (or at least I will be) who goes by the name of Yuri Takenashi. That is not my real name, and I made it before I learned of the genre. So don’t tease me about it okay? Also, I am not Japanese. Or Asian in general.


     My username on Club Penguin is Pdfrog(as was stated above), and if you want to find me, try the Theatre, Lighthouse, Agent Hideout, Ninja Dojo, Fire Dojo, and my igloo. I am typically on Crystal or Aurora, and on occasion on Rainbow. Just an FYI, I only become friends with people I know, or at least know stuff about, which is why I have 3 friends. As I said before, just an FYI. I wear a blue dress with platinum blonde hair. My color is typically brown, though sometimes I dress up for certain things. Like the pet shop bunny.

Also, I am on track with PST, living on the West Coast (NO STATE NAME FOR YOU!), meaning that I now exactly when they update. Which is 11:00. 10:00 Clock Tower Time. Why did they make the tower time different from where they actually are?


3 Responses to “About MEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!”

  1. dobu12 Says:

    I know your state name and real name for that matter but don’t worry your secrets safe with me.

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