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Top 5 fangirl moments of Bleach March 29, 2010

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First random post… Woo! For those of you who don’t know, Bleach is an anime created by Tite Kubo (tee-te Koo-bo, cuz none of you know Japanese! :P) and it has some extreme fangirl squee moments.

5. Hitsugaya in the rain with Matsumoto
4. Hitsugaya sleeping, his sword (in human form [so hot!!!]) watching over him
3. Hitsugaya as a young boy (he’s so adorable I could scream)
2. Hitsugaya as a 12 year old (or at least, that’s what he looks like…)
1. Hitsugaya, passed out, being help in the arms of his sword (human form), with sword smiling gently

Yes, I am a Hitsugaya fangirl. And to see all these moments, check out Bleach episodes 239 to 245. Maybe more, maybe less.


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