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What Have You Done? January 2, 2010

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Warning: This may be long.

What have you done to make Club Penguin better? Suggest a game? Report a bug? Well, I have done all those things, and they have even used one of my ideas. You know the plush penguin dolls? That you can take off and change clothes with? That was my idea! I told them quite a while ago, I never recieved an answer, but it looks like they had brought it into consideration. No, I am NOT saying this to try and be high and mighty, heck, I’m not even lieing. And now I have done something amazing: I have suggested a new room.

Have you checked the blog lately? It says something about new areas, games, mysteries, etc., and it said all this AFTER I suggested something! All I can say is get your snowballs ready, and click on the lodge to the left of the ski mountain peak.

Happy Penguining, Pdfrog


One Response to “What Have You Done?”

  1. pdfrog Says:

    And I STILL don’t have a response back from them! Meanies. Kidding!

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