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Christmas Paaaaartay! December 18, 2009

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The christmas party is here! Its SUPER AWESOME!!!!!! There are two free items you can get, but you can only get one of them if your not a member. šŸ˜¦ for the non members!!! But anyway, you have to see everything anyway! Everything has been transformed, excluding the ninja hideout, fire dojo, cave, mine shaft and boiler room! In the forest, the largest CHristmas Tree EVER has appeared! At the dock, another ice skating rink has appeared! A toymaking workshop has appeared in the upstairs area of the night club! But the real majesty of the Christmas Party can only be seen in the sky. There is an aurora in the night sky! Its beautiful, and the BEST places to look at it is the Ice Burg and Ski Mountain Peak. There is also a new pin to be found in the lodge attic, another place not touched by the festivities (sort of.), and the pin is a snowman that looks like one in the better igloos catalogs! Also, the Christmas Igloo Contest has come again, so decorate your igloos and submit to CP! But don’t get your hopes up. MY igloo will beat all! Mwahaha! šŸ˜› Kidding! You all have a chance to get the grand prize: 25,000 coins!!!! You also get a picture of your igloo published in the paper, and a special, 1-of-a-kind postcard from the judges! If you are a runner up, you get 15,000 coins, your name in the newspaper, and a special postcard from the judges! I have never won any of these, but this year I am confident! You should be too! And as a final note, the music you can play in the lighthouse has changed! It is probably temporary, but it sounds AWESOME! This is the best party I’ve gone too so far, even better than the box party! Who remembers that one? It was awesome. But the percent awesome is the same grade I got on one of my History reports: 110%! Check out everything before it all goes poof! And on the 24th, we find out the winners of the igloo contest! Good luck everyone! Or, as they say in Japan, Gambate!


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