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Rockhopper, The New Catalog, and Club Penguin’s Christmas December 8, 2009

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Everyone’s favorite pirate is coming, and from what I can see in the telescope, his ship looks like last years ship. I’m not sure what he’s bringing, but whatever it is it will be holiday related. He is coming on the 11th… Along with new igloo catalogs! At the same time, the 11th is the first ever Pdfrog’s Club Penguin Igloo Party! Its held at my igloo on the Crystal Server. AND Coins for Change is coming on the eleventh! Busy day huh? If you don’t know what that is, here: Coins for Change is a event that comes every Christmas, normally by Rockhopper. You donate coins to 3 different causes, so if you have extra coins or are not a mamber, donate your coins today! This is for you hackers out there: I don’t think CP will care if you use your Money Makers for this! SO use them all you like! In other news, the new Clothing Catalog came out, and it has some special Christams outfits! An elf suit, a reindeer costume, and a Christmas tree outfit that is new to Club Penguin! If you wave while wearing the costume, it lights up with Christmas lights! And, finally, the new pin came out! In the Forest you can find the Christmas Bell Pin. Pick up this limited edition item NOW!


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  1. jamie Says:


    I have no idea what you`re talking about but just dropped in to say hi!

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