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Card Jitsu Rules and Regulations: How to Play November 27, 2009

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That was officialy the LONGEST title I have ever done. Course, as soon as Card Jitsu Water comes out, itll be even longer! Anyway, you and 1 to 3 other people are playing the game on the volacano’s lava. I am going to do Your Turn and then an Opponent’s Turn.
Your Turn
1. Choose 1 of the center stones.
2. Choose where you are going to move.
3. Card Jitsu Battle! (More later in post)
4. Energy count

Opponents Turn:
1. You wait a lot until
2. 2 to 4 translucent white rectangles appear in the middle of the screen.
3. Energy Count

CArd Jitsu Battle: Fire Style
When you begin card jitsu, you will have 6 EP (energy points) in a circle near your penguin. Your penguin (the one I am talking about) is in the upper left corner. Under that is your cards. Anyway, during your or an opponent’s turn a card jitsu battle will start. 2 to 4 white rectangles appear in the center of the screen. You have 20 seconds to choose a card. Also, each card jitsu battle has a different element attached to it. If its a water battle, only water element cards can be used (unless you have none, in which case you are forced to use a fire or ice card, both of which lose), and likewise a fire battle is played the same way (only with fire cards).

But the best way to learn is to play, so head over to the Fire Dojo and start!


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